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Korolon™ 700

Korolon™ 700 developed by MiTi® has elasticity and very low friction up to 700°F. MiTi® has developed proprietary adhesion technologies, to provide dramatically improved abrasion resistance to metals, ensure reliability, and create exceptional friction performance. Korolon™ 700 looks and feels like PTFE, but has a much lower coefficient of friction, and twice the thermal capability.

Properties of Korolon™ 700
Chemical CompositionPolymer based coating with solid lubricants
Chemical ResistanceInert to Alkalis & Solvents
Oxidation BehaviorResistant to 700°F
Service TemperatureUp to 700°F
Application MethodSpray Gun Process
Recommended SubstrateMetal
Tribological BehaviorLow Friction and Wear
Advantages over Greases and Oils
Bonded to Surface
Contaminant Free
Consistent Performance

Extensive friction and wear testing has shown that Korolon™ 700 has excellent wear and friction performance. High speed testing was conducted on a sophisticated tribometer using a coated Inconel X750 pad on a hard chrome-plated Inconel 718 alloy disc set-up (contact pressure was 21KPa). The friction coefficient was in the range of 0.05 when testing with the Korolon™ 700, this is significantly lower than obtained with any polymer/PTFE Polyamide- imide coating, a commonly used polymer coating tested under the same application methods and conditions.

Coefficient of Friction for Polyamide-Imide

Coefficient of Friction and Temperature at Shutdown
for Polyamide-Imide coated Inconel X750
top foil vs Inconel 718 disc

Coefficient of Friction for Korolon 700

Coefficient of Friction and Temperature at Shutdown
for Korolon™ 700 coated Inconel X750 top
foil vs Inconel 718 disc

Structure - A very thin, dense, and extremely uniform coating is applied. A smooth surface substrate producing the most abrasion resistant finish. Proprietary polymers level off surface asperities providing a permanent self-lubricating surface, and resulting in greatly reduced surface tension. The composition of the coating are engineered to provide a non-porous surface which can be used in a variety of applications.

Korolon 700 before test Korolon 700 after test